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So I received a beta copy of Josh Bartlett’s Easy Video Player 2. Josh basically told me to put it through its motions, test all of the features, and just basically use the heck out of it. So that’s exactly what I did. I’ve poked around, tested, tweaked, and looked in to every little feature that’s available.

I basically took all of my favorite new features and made videos out of them so you can check them out and really see what this thing is capable of. Let me tell you… This thing is amazing! Check out the videos and then read below the videos. I’m doing a little contest and I’m actually going to give out a couple copies of EVP. Read below the videos for more details…

(Click in the bottom right-hand corner of the videos to watch in full screen)

Video 1 – Use EVP to create a video page with comments

Video 2 – EVP2 makes your videos go viral!

Video 3 – Make buttons or images pop-up outside your video

Video 4 – Create videos and give them to affiliates

EVP2 looks pretty damn cool right? Well guess what… I want to hook two people up with free copies of EVP2 on launch day! It’s really simple… There are only 3 things that you have to do to be eligible to win.

1. Click the “Like” button at the top of this page.
2. Leave a comment below explaining what you are most looking forward to in EVP2.
3. Opt-in to the early bird list for EVP2.

Pretty simple, right? Just do those three steps and you are eligible to win a free copy of Easy Video Player 2. I will announce the winners on October 18th, the day before EVP 2 launches. Good luck to everyone!

I’m really looking forward to reading all of your comments and answering any questions you may have about EVP2.

**Edit Dec. 1, 2012**
Josh Bartlett is now preparing the release of the followup to Easy Video Player. The new program is called Easy Video Suite. You can find previews and sneak peeks here.

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28 Responses

  1. Duane says:

    I would love to try this for making a page while they
    watch the video, Thats like a class in it self awsome

  2. alex says:

    evp is a good software for distributing videos on my blog or website seo optimised too

  3. Mark says:

    Hey Matt
    You young folks sure know how to market.
    Since I’m an old guy I have to learn from you.
    I really enjoy reading your blog posts and good luck
    with the video launch.
    Thanks for all you do!

  4. Frank Edens says:

    I think the salespages world is going to shock, when they see what capabilities V2 has for them. Version 1 was amazing, but version 2 will be SHOCKING!
    It will be interesting to see, that there is a real connection between Social Media & Salespages. Unique in it’s kind i think.

    Frank Edens

  5. I am lloking forward to several things from EVP:

    1) HTML5 capabilities – now you can see stuff on iPads and iPods
    2) the page generation tools look to be quite nice
    3) adding the social media buttons will be a good feature

  6. Claude says:

    Hi Matt

    Cool videos, my next task will be to replace the WordPress Classroom advert I have on my website with the affiliate video (video 4).

    I look forward to receiving all the other videos.


  7. Angie says:

    I have looked at EVP before & have been very tempted to get it. EVP2 is now even more tempting. My husband & I have a badminton related membership site where we release videos on a regular basis – it will be awesome to use EVP to market it via youtube etc.

  8. Neil Arnott says:

    The advice in these videos is brilliant and I have already put it to good use. Can’t wait to get my hands on the full product. Thanks again

  9. Lance Fitzsimmons says:

    Looks interesting. Anything that can make life easier and of high quality is welcome.

  10. Peter Davies says:

    Hi Matt

    The ability to embed external html code into a video at any point you want is the most powerful aspect of this software, I like the fact that you can automate the call to action process without having to rely on the audience to do it proactively so a viewer can be directed to wherever you want them to go without them having to click the mouse.

    I am also a big fan of the fact that you can track the point at which people click out of your videos thus giving you an indication of establishing a pattern of where you are going wrong giving you the opportunity to refine your presentations and hopefully turning you into a better Video Marketer.

    Finally and probably most importantly, I think that this software is a product that makes professional online Video Marketing accesible to all and not just the gurus, so a new kid could potentially come along now with limited IM skills and make a shed load of cash providing they put their message in front of the right audience.

  11. Gail says:

    I’m most excited about the social media buttons, paypal linking to affiliate sites and the video going viral. Looking forward to it! Thanks for this contest :)

  12. Anton Cipri says:

    As a “Non-Tech” marketer, I really appreciate the simplicity of Easy Video Player 2. Everything in my life is complicated enough…I don’t want to fight with loading my videoso onto my website too.

    I love business networking and I love marketing. EVP2 just makes life easier!

  13. Hi Matt, Looks like my 1st comment did not stick. What I’m looking for regarding this software is to be able to use it on my new membership site via WordPress Pages as opposed to using posts. Since EVP2 will allow comments this will free me to use the Page Feature in WordPress and avoid the time and date stamp. Really cool! Thanks, Peter

  14. Rick Byrd says:


    Josh’s Easy Video Player is the top product in the market. I have heard about Easy Video Player since I joined the MarketingWithAlex coaching program but I have not pulled the trigger to buy it.

    Yeah, I can embed YouTube videos on my blog but Easy Video Player takes video marketing to another level. I like the Elements feature to be able to add buttons and bullet points to pop-up during the playing of the video.

    Being able to add the social links is awesome.

    I would really love to get a copy of version 2. Josh has really set the bar high again with version 2.

    Take care!

    - Rick

  15. Hi Matt,

    When you spend ALL your spare time just trying to “Get Going” on the internet the last thing you need is another bit of software to learn. Sorry but NO TIME. You know the quote often used …… “don’t get it right just get it going”! Well that is what I am trying to do right now so I just plain don’t want to add to my overload of stuff to learn.

    I nearly didn’t watch them but then I thought …. if there is anyone who I should keep listening to its Matt W.

    What an insight your videos (above) have been as to how easy EVP is to master.

    Something I can learn in no time at all and the effect it will have on my marketing strategies will be enormous !!

    Great product Josh and I can see why you are so excited Matt.

    Thank you for the preview.

  16. Maria Mekus says:

    Hi Matt,
    I am excited after watching the videos on Easy Video Player 2 and I want this product. Actually its something I must have. Please enter me into your drawing and here is hoping that I will be one of the 3 winners on the 18th. I belong to your wordpress classroom which is just the best for anyone who wants to know anything about wordpress. The way you teach is very clear and so easy to understand. Thank You Matt – Maria Mekus

  17. This is the very best video software program that i have ever seen. and i cant wait to get a copy. Matt i am a member of the wordpressclassroom and i love it, before i started i knew nothing about wordpress and your course showed me step by step and i had my site up in less than a 1 hour. and please enter me in the dra…wing for easy video producer i really need this program.

  18. Barbara says:

    Awesome!! I have only just got into video marketing and this EVP 2.0 would be sooo cool to use. The Affiliate marketing video makes everything so simple and so professional. The idea of building a web site round the video is a terrific concept. I design web sites and this takes it to a whole new level. With EVP 2.0 we can all go viral!!! Amazing product. Thanks

  19. Hi Matt, I cant wait to put these video´s on my site, I already have a review of WordPress Classroom on there, I have always been pleased with your products, you make them very simple to understand you, and the prices are usually good. I hope that the price if Easy Video Player will be the same good value.

  20. Adam Teece says:

    Which area were we supposed to leave a comment in? The facebook one or this one? Would love to win a free copy.

  21. Dana Dunn says:

    Hey Matt…I LOVE your enthusiasm and passion for this new product! From a fellow San Diegan, and raving fan of yours, I would like to thank you for sharing this powerful marketing tool with the rest of us. I could just kick myself for not purchasing the earlier version, but financially it was too much of a stretch at the time.

    I first started learning how to work with WordPress from your very first WordPress Classroom, and I personally want to thank you for taking the stress of learning technology and making it very simple to use and implement.

    EVP2 is going to make working with my sales pages/process SO MUCH EASIER!! Get it…EASIER..Josh really meant it when he came up with the name! I am so excited for the options and customization! This demonstration was AWESOME, and I am looking forward to using this in my business as soon as I am able.

    Thanks for the opportunity to be entered in the contest, and again thanks for all you do! YOU are making a difference for the rest of us!

    All the best,

  22. C.J. says:

    Very slick, guys. Looks like someone’s been watching Video Boss – or was it Joe Fier’s video course? ;) Such staggering production value; I’d download all three of them for serious study if I could! What I most look forward to in EVP2 is the ready-made mobile and Apple device compatibility (a REAL problem-solver) and the affiliate branding and outside buttons/images capabilities.

    Since I have a Flip Ultra HD, tripod, webcam, and Camstudio 2.0 for IM for a possible three-angle setup, along with Audacity, the AVS editing suite, and a NINE-PRODUCT FUNNEL of interrelated products to sell including EVP2, I’m basically all ready to go except for not having a good player and an AudioTechnica mike.

    That said, although it appears that watermarking capability was added, I would love to see the ability to upload one’s own button designs with custom text, etc., into the software for exact matching of colors and graphics with the rest of their promotions. That seems to be about the ONLY thing that could possibly be added to it.

    I know that EVP2 is a serious tool and not a toy, but the prospect of serious money and FUN from such a cool, easy-to-use tool would have me smiling from ear to ear as the BEST Christmas present possible this year, and might allow me to buy presents for my family as well for the first time in a long while. Best wishes to everyone here for future success!

  23. Geneva says:

    I have always liked the way you do videos especially for teaching and training others how to do the same. I am very excited about the new Easy Video Player 2. I think this software is going to help thousands of marketing still working on how to understand video software. I am counting the days.
    Thank You Matt for your time and effort in teaching others how to do what needs to be done.

    Geneva Gallander

  24. Jane Stevens says:

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for the videos – What excites me the most is the fact that a video on any website could benefit from the viral qualities of facebook and twitter. That alone is massive to a marketing campaign. I especially like the fact that bullets and Add to Cart/Buy It Now buttons and banners pop up. When I watched your video that mentioned only 53% of people watched the whole video I felt discouraged, but what if they stopped watching it because they clicked on the Buy It Now button? How cool is that? Is there anyway to find out this information in the stats and tracking by the way?
    Good Luck with the launch.

  25. Josee says:

    Good day Matt,
    I got EVP 2.0 from your link since I found your case study of real value as opposed to some bonuses. looking at the tutorial I was seriously confuse and to embarrassed to ask Josh team’s
    Now here’s what I think I understand. Please correct me if am wrong

    1- EVP is to be install on your own server or a share hosting account like hostgator, you need a sacrifice domain to install EVP on and would benefit from having an S3 account to ( to store your video, not install EVP on )

    So the installation of EVP on the sacrifice domain is for the sole purpose of running the scrip and generating the customize codes, it not for hosting a site. Once you have generated your code from EVP you then copy and paste the code into a blog post or site.

    Adding the WP-EVP plugin to a WordPress blog is simply to help the formatting of the video.

    Gee did I get it?

  26. Dr. Flaherty says:

    The videos you continually post are truly inspirational. Thank you for taking the “ extra step”, in providing the education marketers in All professions can utilize.

    Yours in Good Health,

    Dr. Flaherty

  27. John says:

    how can you change the buttons within EVP2 ?

    is this possible ?

  28. Leon says:

    Looks great. I have a question – Can I use EVP to put videos on a membership site? Can they be protected from sharing?

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